Secco Sistemi

Designing a digital platform blending aesthetics, function, and technology

A modern, sleek building with a curved design is illuminated at dusk. It features a prominent spiral staircase on the left and large glass windows revealing an illuminated interior. The foreground shows a rocky terrain and thin poles, with a distant horizon visible.




Web analysis, digital strategy & branding, web design, editing & data entry, SEO, configurator, website visibility, extra activations



A leading company in the design sector, specializing in high-end integrated window systems, Secco Sistemi is an Italian excellence known worldwide and winner of prestigious awards, including the renowned Compasso d’Oro.

The development of the new website materialized into a meticulously crafted tool, a minimal and refined platform that stands out completely within the doors and windows industry, representing a unique reality that has been elevating culture, aesthetics, and technology for 70 years.

Technologies used

Web Analysis


Each communication project starts with an initial discussion to establish the desires and goals of the client. Similarly, for Secco Sistemi, website development became a conceptual round table with the client, combined with operational and team work within the agency.

The kick-off phase has been followed by strategic steps of study and research, including brand identity analysis, focusing on digital communication tools, content and ongoing activities, competitor and target audience analysis, feasibility studies, and shared choices that will transform into guidelines to be used at launch, when the website officially reveals its online presence.

Digital Strategy & Branding


Secco Sistemi targets a high-profile international audience. Its products are incorporated into high-value public and private buildings, ancient palaces, contemporary residences, and projects designed by architects and designers who have contributed to redesigning the aesthetic and functional imagery of society.

This makes Secco Sistemi a reality with a very high brand reputation, subject to careful research and study that materialize in stylistic choices and innovative communication tools coherent with the brand image.

A red, slightly slanted rectangular logo with bold white text in lowercase letters spelling

Web Design


Secco Sistemi products are a blend of function, technology, and aesthetics.

Differentiating itself from any other company in the sector, Secco Sistemi chose to create a website with a strongly editorial look and feel, where beauty, minimalism, and research are not just exercises in style but essential elements that reveal themselves to the observer, narrating a story.

The carefully crafted and immersive UX, along with the adept use of tools such as images, videos, and descriptions, are the details that make a difference and, thanks to the presence of high-quality content, have contributed to making the Secco Sistemi website a space of discovery and mutual sharing between the user and the systems.

A tablet and a smartphone display a website. The tablet shows a webpage with articles about design and architecture, including images of buildings and materials. The smartphone also displays the same webpage. The background is white.
An iMac displaying a website page with an article. The left side of the screen features an image of a modern house with large windows. The right side contains text about an event by Secco Sistemi happening from Monday to Saturday in November.
A long webpage with various sections featuring architecture, design, and technology. Includes images of buildings, materials, exhibitions, and geographical maps. Each section has small images and text boxes, displaying portfolio, projects, and cultural references.
Technical datasheet for a product with diagrams and specifications. The image contains a detailed list of parameters, measurements, and performance metrics. There are labeled diagrams and product details, including dimensions, material specifications, and operational data.

Editing & Data Entry


Secco Sistemi is a story of excellence and its products have contributed to the creation of masterpieces and grand restorations.

The minimal and measured style has become a signature feature for Secco and a mantra for the aesthetic and textual part of the platform.

Thus, the new descriptive texts of the achievements have become materials characterized by an institutional yet never cold tone of voice, detailed without becoming redundant, engaging while maintaining their appeal.

Following text writing is the moment of data entry: a process that requires organization, method, intuition, and a deep understanding of the client. A job in four languages, to allow the valorization of Secco systems by highlighting characteristics, qualities, types, and materials in the hundreds of realizations among ancient buildings, period buildings, contemporary residences, and unique locations.



Keyword research and mapping is followed by targeted SEO-oriented text writing, which must be truthful, original, and user-friendly. Only in this way the website can be strategically positioned in search engine results pages (SERPs).

In line with the minimalist design of the website, the texts written for Secco Sistemi are not mere product descriptions because the Secco product ‘speaks for itself’. Instead, they are stories similar to short articles, where each window and door remains a hint, emerging delicately in different contexts, supported by large and beautiful images that give rhythm to each page and optimize the website on the network.

A laptop displaying a webpage featuring an image of a modern, triangular-roofed house with large windows, surrounded by trees. The webpage includes text and a photograph of the house. The laptop is set against a plain, light grey background.



There is no space that cannot be redesigned by Secco windows and doors systems. One of its strengths is the possibility of full customization, meeting the needs of the most demanding clients, adapting to all kinds of spaces, even enhancing the most ancient and historically delicate structures.

Each system has multiple variants, to be chosen from different materials and finishes, performance types, and types of facades, windows, and doors.

The beginning of this selection process starts from the website, where a dedicated configurator allows users to discover the most suitable and performing system, discovering it in preview.

A desktop computer screen displays a webpage titled

Website Visibility


The website creation project does not end with its launch but with its promotion. Therefore, the effort dedicated to creating a platform must necessarily include actions to make it visible and traceable. The initial boost can be given by activating campaigns on Google Ads Search: these intercept users consciously and actively interested in a certain type of product (in the case of Secco Sistemi, it could be a material, an achievement, an award) and who, by searching on Google with a specific query, allow the website to be positioned in the top positions for certain searches.

The phases of Google Ads campaign work include: the strategic-creative phase, with competitor analysis, study, and creation of a set of keywords with which users search for services and products, definition of the media budget, study and creation of campaign content based on keywords, as well as campaign set-up.
In the operational phase, the campaign is launched, continuously monitored, any adjustments are made to optimize performance, and a monthly reporting document is prepared.

Extra activations


When an institutional website is published, it is the agency responsibility to plan a launch and pre-launch campaign to anticipate some features of the new platform.

For Secco Sistemi, the pre-launch phase was directed internally and externally to the company and involved sending newsletters and direct messaging via WhatsApp, combined with an external communication campaign that, in addition to traditional newsletter use, added specific social media posts, as well as a dedicated landing page with a countdown to create hype. Similarly, the launch of the new website must be accompanied by targeted communication to internal and external stakeholders to explain the reasons and functionality of the new platform. In these cases, direct messaging via WhatsApp is used, along with newsletter sending with publication of specific social media posts, updating the landing page, and an introductory mini-video to the new online project.

A smartphone displaying a webpage for Secco Sistemi at Made Expo 2019 in Milan from March 13 to 16. The page highlights new products and innovations, specifically OS2 with various features, including reduced sections, magnetic suspension, and automatic ascent effects.