Building the brand identity of a real estate project

An open office space with modern chairs and small tables surrounded by greenery and natural light. A large number


Real Estate


Naming, payoff, brochure, website, social media, digital advertising



Designed to meet the daily, professional, and personal needs of contemporary professionals, 246 is a building located between Rome and the EUR district. It has been the main core of an urban redevelopment project that required tailored rebranding.



Facing one of the most important road junctions connecting the EUR to the heart of the capital, the name of the renovated building originates from its civic number, Via Alessandro Severo 246.

A large white number



A numerical logo characterized by voids and solids, where the payoff becomes the foundation. It also simulates the architectural structure and the modularity of 246 spaces.



Matched with the numerical name, the creation of an explanatory payoff became necessary. To highlight the strategic location of the building and emphasize the target audience, it was chosen the CrossingBusiness duo.

A modern office building with a glass facade stands prominently. The words



Both digital and paper brochures are fundamental tools for tenants. These are informative materials that describe the structure peculiarities.

A modern magazine spread features images of contemporary office buildings. The left page shows a cover with a multi-story building design. The right pages display night views of similar buildings and a section with a well-lit, sleek interior office space.
An open magazine displays a blue-gray map overlay covering two pages, with icons and markers indicating various locations. Italian text on the left page reads,



Both for the strategic location and the structure itself, even before its rebirth, 246 was revealed as an ideal office location. With the redevelopment project, the mission of the building is renewed, while the design and launch of the website further contribute to attracting tenants and entrepreneurs from the digital transformation sector.

A desktop computer screen displays a modern building with large

Used technologies

A website layout for
A modern building named

Social media


An institutional communication, with a business-oriented yet friendly tone. Planned on LinkedIn, 246 PED is aimed at professionals, with the goal of expanding the user base to new and unexpected targets and potential tenants.

A tablet displays a LinkedIn profile page of
A smartphone displaying an app interface with the map location of

Digital Advertising


To reach the right target audience, digital advertising campaigns were created on Google, in addition to social media campaigns, capable of summarizing 246 new identity and conveying it online.