Shi’s – Gruppo Cigierre

Reposition a brand by putting art at the service of cuisine.

A woman with a bright smile is seated at a table laden with various Asian dishes, including dumplings, noodles, and seafood. The background features colorful illustrations of koi fish and dragons, enhancing the vibrant atmosphere of the scene.


Food / Beverage


Analysis and strategy, implementation and monitoring, concept, payoff, visual identity, logo restyling, art project, press campaign, BTL tools, photo shooting, digital marketing, social media, launch event



A point of reference for quality Asian-inspired catering, Shi’s is a format that boasts successful sales points in various Italian cities.

With large and differentiated menus, selected raw materials and informal but attentive service, eating at Shi’s has been an experience that satisfies the senses for years, starting with taste.

Analysis and strategy


After more than ten years of presence and recognition on the market, Shi’s has chosen to revolutionize format and concept, with a repositioning project which, starting from the analysis of the brand and the study of the relevant points of sale, has led to the reformulation of the brand pillars , to identify the most distinctive strengths, with the aim of differentiating the format from competitors and creating an emotional connection with the public.

Implementation and monitoring


The planning of key messages and the choice of the most effective communication channels to reach the public made the new brand strategy effective in the long term, with press campaigns, content marketing, social media, PR.

An iPhone displaying an Instagram post with floating gourmet food items in a white bowl. To the left of the phone is Italian text on a teal background, and to the right is Italian text on a red background. The photo and texts are set against a white backdrop.



The new concept of Shi’s was born as the “diary” of a journey to be experienced at the table, to discover the flavors of Asian and international cuisine, contaminated by the unmistakable taste of Italianness.

The objective is to enhance the customer’s gastronomic journey, offering a renewed and complete experience, designed to surprise all types of palates.

A floating sushi platter featuring various types of sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. The platter includes pieces with rice, salmon, and seaweed, garnished with sesame seeds. Ingredients and garnishes are artfully suspended in mid-air around the plate.



The repositioning process involved the creation of a new payoff, to be combined with the logo to establish the renewed identity of Shi’s, in the target’s memory.

“The Asian “Restaurand…” brings the restaurant back to the center as a place to “explore” good food, suggesting the presence of further facets that enrich the dining experience, in line with the taste needs of contemporary times.

Four versions of a logo for
This image shows the design process of a logo for

Restyling Logo


The creation of the payoff led to its transposition into a graphic format and in two versions: a compact one and an extended one, to adapt to every communication tool.

Two versions of a restaurant logo are shown. The top version is

Art project


It is the award-winning artist Patrizia Burra, known internationally, who gave life to the five exclusive subjects created for the restaurant format.

Thus art is placed at the service of cuisine, mixing photography, 3D and AI, the result obtained is a fusion between Japanese tradition and modernity, surrealism and dreamlike and suggestive settings, just like eating at Shi’s.

Press and OOH campaign – maxi billboards


To promote the renewed culinary experience and invite the target “to the table”, Shi’s has chosen to pursue the path of traditional media, presenting the new communication concept in newspapers, magazines and large billboards positioned in the most strategic points of the cities.

BTL Tools


The artist’s project, with the institutional press campaign leading the entire operation, was conveyed on all Shi’s communication tools: menus and counter tabs, take-away packaging, flyers, promotional newsletters and social sponsorships.

Photo Shooting


The product shooting also evokes the institutional campaign, with a focus on ingredients and raw materials immortalized in an “explosive” way, as per the concept, to give even more value to the menu and the surprising cuisine of Shi’s.

A close-up of a gourmet dish featuring a steamed bao bun filled with seared tuna, cherry tomatoes, and garnished with a sauce. The dish is served on a ceramic plate lined with a green leaf, with other similar dishes blurred in the background.
An artistic image shows various Asian fusion foods, including bao buns filled with meats and colorful vegetables, sliced cherry tomatoes, avocado, and tortilla wraps with fillings, all seemingly floating and captured mid-air against a white background.
An artistic presentation of various Asian-inspired foods is shown. Fried shrimp, dumplings, a black dish with a dipping sauce, and scattered crumbs are all suspended in mid-air against a white background, giving a sense of dynamic motion and culinary excitement.
Close-up of a person holding a piece of sushi with chopsticks above a small bowl of soy sauce. The person is wearing a brown shirt and has a trimmed beard, focusing on their hands and the sushi, with a blurred background.

Digital Marketing


With email marketing campaigns, DMs and newsletters, Shi’s targets its most loyal customers, further building their loyalty with dedicated promotions, special offers and new menus.

A discount voucher for an Asian restaurant with the text

Social Media


On the occasion of the release of the new institutional campaign, social networks are also dressed in new features, presenting the communication concept in its entirety, including sponsorships and organic posts to refresh the feed.

A smartphone with a colorful Instagram feed is shown against a bright red background. The feed appears to contain a mix of artistic images, text-based posts, and photographs, organized in a grid layout. The phone screen is the main focal point.

Launch event


Organized in one of the most prestigious locations of Shi’s, it is a launch event to celebrate the release of the new institutional campaign, with the renewed graphic design of the brand and the widest, most complete and inclusive offering of the format.

The concept “The Asian Restaurand…” is therefore revealed through a tasting journey dedicated to new and loyal customers, public personalities and influencers, where they can savor the food and wine experience of Shi’s between exotic and Italian flavours, tradition and experimentation, AYCE and à la carte menus. la carte, in a context that is as informal as it is exclusive.



A special gift cannot be missing from any self-respecting event. On the occasion of the presentation dinner, to give even more value to the repositioning project, each guest received as a gift a personalized shopper with the institutional campaign, posters with the artist’s subjects and menus in memory of all the dishes created on the occasion of the evening.

A tote bag against a gray background features an image of an Asian woman smiling in front of a colorful backdrop of fish. The text on the bag reads: