Designing, developing, and communicating an innovative professional platform for shows and events


Event organization


Programming, web design, UX, digital advertising, content creation, press office, TV spots



Showgroup is a digital platform and an innovative startup for which a 360-degree project has been developed, from the design of the web infrastructure to the market launch.

From a technical and functional perspective, activities included designing the User Experience, realizing the platform design through the study of impactful graphics, creating a functional back end integrated with an advanced CRM, and programming the user interface dedicated to the end-user. In addition to technical development, the portal launch was managed through the development of an on-and-offline communication strategy and the execution of an omnichannel communication plan, including social media marketing and digital advertising, content creation for social media and the platform blog, press office and digital PR, newsletter management, DEM, and promotion on major television channels.

Used technologies



In collaboration with web designers, the web development team designed and implemented the entire platform functionality.

UX Web Design


The web design of the platform was studied and created with an essential aesthetic, and an intuitive and user-friendly interface, both for compiling the artist showcase and for using the end-user service.

Four white tablets are displayed on a white surface. Each tablet screen shows different content: one features a registration form, another showcases a topiary garden, the third shows a text search and music categories, and the fourth displays a science fiction scene.
Screenshot of a website showcasing resources for professionals in the events and entertainment industry. The page features various highlighted events, operators, and locations, images of professionals, promotional offers, social media updates, and navigation menus. The text is in Italian.
Screenshot of a registration page for a casting website with sections for personal details, email, nationality, password, consent agreements, and photo uploads.

Digital Advertising


To reach the target audience of the platform B2B, consisting of artists, venues, and operators, a digital strategy was planned in synergy with targeted newsletter and DEM campaigns.

Furthermore, to arouse the interest of event organizers, digital campaigns were activated with the aim of stimulating latent demand, dividing the public of interest into different types of users and segmenting the various professional segments.

A smartphone displaying an app is on the left. To the right of the phone, there are three square images: one of ballet dancers, one of two surprised women, and one of a clown peeking through red curtains. The fourth image shows a confident chef.

Content creation


To support digital advertising campaigns and increase user interest in the platform, an effective content marketing strategy was devised for the internal blog. Following a precise editorial plan based on topics related to the events and entertainment industry, all articles were written from an SEO perspective, developing a selection of keywords which favored the increase in organic traffic to the site.

Social content


To communicate with the target audience of artists, venues, and operators, editorial plans were structured with various types and formats of content tailored to different target groups. This was done for the main social media platforms Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The initial main goal was to raise awareness and subsequently convert those who showed interest, both in the professional and private segments.

A smartphone displays an Instagram profile of
A person holding a smartphone with their thumb navigating an Instagram profile. The profile belongs to

Press office


The press office’s activities involved both online and offline press, with the aim of increasing brand visibility and brand awareness, respectively visibility and notoriety, of the platform.

A collage of five different online articles displayed side by side. The articles feature images of various events and interviews, as well as text in both Italian and English discussing business, events, and entrepreneurship.

TV spots


Finally, during the challenging period of the global Covid-19 pandemic, a 15-second TV spot was conceived and produced.

A message was broadcast more than 450 times on mainstream networks such as Canale 5, Rete 4, and Italia 1, as well as thematic networks including Canale 20, Iris, Focus, La 5, Top Crime, Mediaset Extra, Italia Due, Virgin Radio TV, and Radio 105 TV. The TV campaign was executed with the direct involvement of a selection of platform members with the aim of sending a positive message to the protagonists of the entertainment and events industry: to look to the future with confidence and prepare to restart the sector.