Studying the image for an urban redevelopment project


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Logo, concept book, digital PR, website, corporate video, web reputation, brochure, press conference



The Symbiosis project concerns the environmental and building redevelopment of the southern district of Scalo Romano in Milan. To accompany this important change with appropriate communication, the Symbiosis coordinated image was created, producing the award-winning concept book Agorà 2014.



The logo study aimed to reproduce the concepts of dynamism, organicity, and interconnection expressed by the concept.

Three versions of the word

Concept Book


The driving force behind the project was the concept expressed by the etymology of the word ‘symbiosis’. Derived from the Greek συμβίωσις, literally ‘living together’, it is born with the broader meaning of ‘living in harmony, interconnected, a motif of exchange and contamination’.

A white cover with a detailed blue leaf illustration in the center. Within the leaf design are small, dark blue abstract symbols resembling line art. At the bottom right, the word

Press office and press conference


To give even greater value to the project as a whole, especially at its official presentation to the reference worlds, a launch press conference was organized, with direct involvement and presence of the media.

Agorà Award


Special National Silver Award for the best Corporate Image of ‘Symbiosis – Concept Book’ – 2014.

A philosophy that was concretized within the Symbiosis Concept Book, through its design, definition of guidelines, rendering, and graphic development.

Close-up of a stack of white booklets titled
A book with a Greek word



The website design responded to the need for an interactive map to introduce the project and a design aimed at promoting the concept philosophy.

A sleek modern desktop computer placed on a white wooden desk, displaying a website with a blue, tech-themed background. A play button shows in the center of the screen. The desk has a white mug, a black pen, and a small potted plant on either side of the monitor.

Corporate Video


The concept video of the redevelopment was studied and shot to align following the idea that motivated the builders’ intentions, with the aim of identifying the area involved and the characteristics of the new real estate complex.

Content Production

Construction site setup


Along with external signage and renders that envisioned the neighborhood future development, a series of stylized blue metal trees were also created. A clear signal of the crossing of the Blue Stream, the mineral canal that physically traverses the neighborhood.