Multi-channel and multi-target communication for products known all over the world.

Two judokas practicing martial arts on a mat divided into red and yellow sections. One judoka is executing a throwing maneuver, flipping the other judoka in mid-air against a dark background. Both wear white gi uniforms. Shadows are visible on the mat.



Corporate Tools – Trocellen

Company profile, product catalogs, material folders.

Product Tools – Progame

Commercial tools, events, and fairs, print campaigns, website, videos, social media.



Trocellen is an international group operating in various industrial sectors, with specific products known worldwide. We have developed numerous multi-channel and multi-target communication tools dedicated to both Italian and international audiences.

Used technologies

Corporate Trocellen

Company profile


Trocellen company profile is an institutional book that tells the story, philosophy, products, and applications, with a focus on the corporate brand identity.

Prodoct catalogs


Trocellen products have numerous applications and uses, so it was important that each product was integrated into a customizable and modular tool, with specific sheets to be organized according to the occasion.

An open magazine showing a page with a blue Trocellen logo on the left and a column of Italian and German text on the right. The text, titled

Material folders


Trocellen cross-linked polyolefin foams are highly tactile materials with their own texture. Inspired by the Pantone swatch book, a special ring binded folder was created, where the materials can be grouped easily, and then touched, viewed, and selected.

A turquoise and white binder with the Trocellen brand name and logo on the cover, displaying a single padded page inside with sections for data entry. The binder is opened flat, showing both the cover and the interior side by side.
A hardcover book titled

Product ProGame

Commercial tools


For athletes, ProGame products need no introduction. But for the network of retailers and distributors, it was necessary to design catalogs and brochures with a more emotional and impactful tone, as well as product data sheets focusing more on specifications and features of individual tatamis.

Three information sheets are displayed in a grid, labeled
Two booklets are shown. The first one has a red cover with a white border, laying closed. The second one, with a blue cover, is open to reveal its pages which are designed with images, icons, and French text. The open booklet showcases a clean, professional layout.

Events and fairs


Events and fairs are an opportunity for every brand to communicate and consolidate its presence to the public of the sector. For this reason, on the occasion of events, fairs, and exhibitions, self-supporting walls were created to give shape to the stand easily, along with roll-ups featuring print campaigns.

A trade show display for Progame Tatami features a martial artist performing a throw on another practitioner. The display highlights product features like no sticky feeling, easy to clean, and shock absorption with graphical icons and a promotional banner.

Press campaigns


With 15 product lines, Trocellen ProGame tatamis are known internationally, and this is also thanks to the institutional and product press campaigns carried out in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Japan.

A toddler dressed in a white martial arts uniform stands on a red and blue mat in a martial arts pose. The text
An open magazine displays an advert showing a young child in a white martial arts uniform standing on a red and blue mat with the text



A website available in five different languages, understandable to a very wide target and containing all the technical information about the products, such as certifications, and video tutorials. A global online project dedicated to gym managers, athletes, and enthusiasts interested in martial arts, home fitness, gymnastics, and educational projects.

A computer screen displays a website for Progame Tatami by Trocellen. The top shows a headline in Italian promoting safety and reliability. Below are images of martial arts, including judo, karate, and taekwondo, with athletes practicing on colorful mats.
Screenshot of a webpage featuring ProGame Multisport Performance mats. Page includes the product name, a large image of a green and red interlocking mat, a detailed description, specifications, and smaller images of the mat. Bottom has a newsletter sign-up form.
Screenshot of a website with a section titled



Each tatami, like each sport, is a world of its own. Inspired by social media, a series of video tutorials were created with basic instructions for assembling and maintaining the most popular and sold tatamis by ProGame.

Social media


The ProGame social media management on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube completes the online operation, reaching the target audience at every level, in every country.