VTP – Venice Passenger Terminal

Planning a lead generation strategy for one of the largest hubs in the Triveneto region

Illustration of a man and woman wearing hats and summer clothing, walking with luggage. The man carries a bag while the woman pulls a yellow suitcase. An anchor symbol and part of a cruise ship can be seen in the background, indicating they are boarding a cruise.


Private parking


Website design and development, UX website, Google Ads, Google Display, launch video



VTP, the company responsible for managing the cruise terminals at the port of Venice, has adopted an advanced web strategy to enhance the online parking reservation service within its areas. Targeted consultancy was planned in the process of redesigning the booking website, accompanied by the activation of performance campaigns aimed at capturing parking demand through online platforms.



Custom illustrations were conceived to optimize the conversion rate and to distinctively position the brand. These visual elements were strategically developed to convey a sense of dynamism, security, and proximity of VTP to its various user groups.



During the website analysis, attention was devoted to improving the user experience on mobile devices, with the goal of making navigation more intuitive. This optimization, combined with advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Google Display, helped improve the user journey, optimizing visibility on search engines, and increasing the number of reservations.

A person holds a tablet displaying an Italian website promoting parking services at the Port of Venice. The screen shows cartoon characters with luggage, a cruise ship, and buttons saying
A smartphone with a registration form open on it rests on a white wooden surface. To the left, there are icons of cars and a plane, and to the right, part of a large cruise ship is visible. The scene conveys a travel and transportation theme.
Three smartphones are placed on a white wooden table. The left phone displays a blue menu screen with options in Italian. The center phone shows a promotional webpage in Italian with a cruise image. The right phone shows a form with fields for

Google display banners


Through campaigns on Google AdWords and Display, a significant increase in reservations was recorded. The conversion rate rose to 10%, while the click-through rate (CTR) reached 11.8%, surpassing the average of AdWords campaigns, which usually ranges between 2% and 5%.

A computer monitor and a tablet both display a webpage featuring advertisements for V.T.P., promoting parking at the Port of Venice. The ads include phrases like
A magazine features a page with statistics on Google Ads performance. On the page, a laptop screen displays a 20% conversion rate, and another shows a 16% click-through rate. Illustrations include connected profile avatars and various icons, including a magnet and graphs.

APP launch video


For the launch of the new app, a promotional video with impactful and highly recognizable graphics was created. The video is displayed to visitors when connecting to the Terminal Wi-Fi network, effectively promoting the application.

A sketchbook with storyboard panels drawn on a page, surrounded by pencils, a ruler, a set square, a compass, and drawing tools. The storyboard panels feature rough sketches and handwritten text in Italian. The image is in black and white.
A printed brochure page displays a mobile app's promotional content, including images of app screens, a hand holding a smartphone, and app store download icons for Google Play and the App Store. The design features a nautical theme with icons and a navy blue color scheme.