Würth Italia

Studying positioning and launching a new national format

A large metal pipe transitioning into a bundle of bright yellow cables against a solid blue background, creating a striking contrast between the industrial and technological elements.


Sanitary and electrical hydrothermal


Consulting, advertising, media plan, digital, editorial project, press office, and digital PR, in-store setups



Customer and prospect interviews, combined with coordinating and managing a web discussion, allowed for studying the correct positioning of the new Würth Superstore format. Defining the value proposition and tone of voice most suited to the target audience completed the study and the communication strategy implementation.

A person is holding an open pamphlet that displays a Venn diagram titled



Advertising, aimed at a clear and impactful communication of the Superstore advantages, involved professionals from the sanitary and electrical hydrothermal world through billboards, print campaigns, and online ads.

A digital display in an indoor setting shows an advertisement for Würth Superstore. The ad features an image of two blue pipes connected by yellow twisted cables, emphasizing strength in unity. Italian text reads

Media plan

An advertisement poster on a concrete wall promoting Wurth Superstore. The poster features a braided rope held together by metal connectors with text that emphasizes unity and strength. Multiple logos of collaborating companies are displayed at the bottom. Text is in Italian.
A person walks a teal bike with a basket past a large Würth Superstore billboard. The billboard announces the store opening on 10/04/2017 in Pero, Italy, and features a slogan in Italian promoting unity among professionals in the hydro-thermo-sanitary and electrical sectors.



The study of website graphics, coordinated with the image created for advertising, allowed for a better user experience. A launch DEM editorial plan was also developed to engage sector professionals, and a tailor-made social media strategy was devised to strongly communicate the new opening.

Editorial Project


To give more prominence to the first opening of the new format, the new layout of the Superstore magazine was designed.

Press office and digital PR


Press office activities were aimed to enhance the brand and, in this case, the new chain of Würth Superstore stores. An online and offline project targeting the hydrothermal sanitary and electrical sector.

Four magazines are spread open on a white surface. Two magazines are opened to different articles, and the other two magazines show their covers. Topics appear to include technology, business, and electricity.

In-Store setups


To maximize users’ positive experience within the new Superstore, setups were designed, including in-store signage coordinated with the new positioning.