Communicating design, comfort, and practicality for a guest house company

A panoramic view of a city filled with historic, dome-shaped buildings and monuments. The text




Naming, logo, corporate identity, stationery, newsletter, social media management, digital advertising, website



Unique residential neighborhoods worldwide, refined and comfortable environments, accommodation solutions in the major points of interest of Italian cities – You Room guest houses required the development of an excellent brand image, blending design and simplicity.



Warm accommodations in Italy most beautiful city centers. Intimate, well-kept spaces dedicated to guests. Rooms to be chosen as if the city were a home. Thus came the naming ‘Youroom, which is simple, memorable, immediate, like booking a getaway.



Lodgings born under the name of simplicity, comfort, and beauty. The Youroom logo emphasizes these aspects by incorporating a single illustrated detail within an ‘o’, highlighting the concept of key, room, intimacy, and why not, privacy.

Four versions of the

Corporate identity


In line with the style of the locations and the brand identity, the corporate identity was designed to convey Youroom values, promising unforgettable stays amidst design, comfort, and practicality in Italy most charming cities.

A modern hotel room features a large bed with white linens and dark accent pillows. The room has wooden floors, a desk with a chair, and large windows allowing natural light. The wall behind the bed is decorated with an ornate, classical design.
A modern, cozy bedroom with a large bed adorned with white linens and beige accents. The room features wooden flooring, a small desk with a tablet, a dark ottoman, and minimalistic lighting. A door leads to an adjacent bathroom, and the ceiling features exposed beams.
Modern bedroom with a large bed, gray headboard, and white linens, accented with green pillows. The room features a textured gray accent wall, wooden herringbone floor, a full-length mirror, a flat-screen TV, two gray chairs, and a window with a city view.



Essential communication tools to simplify and enhance the guest experience, the design of stationery items further tells the story of Youroom services, also indicating external attractions to be booked directly in the suites.

A stationery set featuring branded letterheads, envelopes, a notebook, and a pencil. The letterheads have a subtle shadow pattern, and the envelopes have a gold flap. The notebook cover is gold with a keyhole design. The items are arranged on a light surface.
A stack of white business cards with a single brown card placed on top at an angle. The brown card displays the text



To communicate Youroom news to all guests, such as new openings, special occasions, dedicated events, and to stay updated, a newsletter format was created to be received upon subscription via the appropriate form.

Image of a smartphone displaying an email from YouRoom, featuring a large picture of the Colosseum in Rome with a sunset background. The email announces the launch of YouRoom’s new website, highlighting key features like seamless booking and virtual tours.

Social media management


With its eight suites in Venice, Rome, and Florence, Youroom utilizes Facebook and Instagram to communicate with national and international guest targets.

A laptop screen displays the Facebook page for Yourroom Suites. The cover photo shows a modern hotel room with a large bed and stylish furnishings. The page includes buttons for
An image of a smartphone displaying a social media post from

Digital Advertising


In support of Youroom digital presence, a targeted digital advertising plan has been implemented to intercept new guests from all parts of the world.

A laptop displaying a news website with various articles and images. The laptop rests on a light-colored surface and the website header includes the name

Technologies used



A curated and simple website, with delicate UX design, the Youroom experience begins from the website, where users can preview the rooms, discovering the possible accommodation solutions that blend design, comfort, and practicality.

A laptop displaying a travel website open to a page with a scenic image of a cobblestone street and historic architecture in Rome at sunset. Italian text on the screen reads
Screenshot of the Your Room Roma Quattro Fontane Hotel webpage. The page features images of Rome, details about the hotel, descriptions of its Roma Quirinale and room types, and lists room categories like Triple Superior Room and Triple Deluxe Room with descriptions.
Webpage showcasing hotel rooms in Rome, titled